Beer & Wine Marketing

We're pretty infatuated with both and marketing their fine qualities.

Crafting Your Story

Enjoying a beer or wine go hand in hand with listening to a good story. Most of the time, they truly enhance the story and the experience.

Whether you are just opening your doors or already established, your brand needs to tell a story; one that is memorable and engaging. It needs to be a story that your consumers can identify with and share.


“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, and in water there is bacteria.”Benjamin Franklin
Beer Marketing: Can design by Diving Dog Creative for client Fair Winds Brewing Company See Our Work >>

The Beginning

While other adolescent boys scoured magazines for images of beautiful women, Joel, Diving Dog's founder, took delight in tearing out alcohol ads and taping them to his bedroom wall. Fascinated by how seamless the graphics, images and text worked together to create the message, they sparked his interest in design.

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