Logo Design

Insert Logo Here

You may have seen that phrase more than once when using a document template to promote your company or organization. But, it should really say “Insert your mark to ensure immediate recognition, inspire trust, secure loyalty and establish superiority”. Your logo is that important!

A logo should:

  • Be memorable and appropriate
  • Be immediately recognizable
  • Provide a consistent image of your company or organization
  • Clearly communicate your company or organization’s persona
  • Work well across media and scale appropriately
  • Work both in black and white and in color

The Process

To devalue the process of creating a logo, jeopardizes your relationship with your audiences.

  • Sketch

    We start with sketches and see which ones resonate and look best across all the different mediums.

  • Digitize

    After dwindling down the options, typically two to three designs for the logo are selected and digitized into black and white.

  • Color

    It’s important that the designs stand on their own, in their simplest of forms, before adding color, where things get emotional and subjective.

“A great logo appears effortless—and is, of course, anything but.”
Louise Fili