shorebbq“A great logo appears effortless—and is, of course, anything but.”
– Louise Fili

You may have seen that phrase more than once when using a document template to promote your company or organization. But it should really say “Insert your mark to ensure immediate recognition, inspire trust, secure loyalty and establish superiority”.
It is that important!

Regardless of whether you have a start-up, nonprofit, or a product, how it is perceived visually impacts your success. To not have a logo, leaves your company without a true identity. To devalue the process of creating a logo, jeopardizes your relationship with your audiences.

A logo or brandmark comes in many shapes and forms. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. Regardless of whether you use a word/letterform mark, pictorial/abstract mark or emblem, they should:

  • Be memorable and appropriate
  • Be immediately recognizable
  • Provide a consistent image of your company or organization
  • Clearly communicate your company or organization’s persona
  • Work well across media and scale
  • Work both in black and white and in color

You should seize every opportunity to position your company or organization in your audiences’ minds, especially visually.
Sight more than any other sense, provides information about the world.

A distinctive, memorable and clear logo creates a sensory magnet that resonates, attracts and retains audiences.

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